Comments From Participants

Jennifer’s creative arts therapy classes are conducted in an inclusive, caring and supportive environment.

I have attended both her one off classes, as well as her six week course. They are varied, stimulating and very liberating.

Exploring one’s interior world and those of others in a group setting is very insightful and empowering.  Jennifer’s approach to art therapy aids self exploration in a gentle and self paced  manner that has profound and startling results with many positive and far reaching outcomes.

I highly recommend any new comer to the world of creative arts therapy to explore this avenue with Jennifer. She is a magical facililator who allows everyone to express themselves freely without judgement or interference.

Mandy Podhorodecki

Thank you so much Jen for creating a tranquil and special space to explore my inner child. An amazing evolution occurred for me at a time of great change in my life, my original focus was to just come along and have some fun exploring my creative side, little did i know that i would be moving my body to amazing rhythms that liberated my spirit and transfixed me into gentle creative exploration. Some days – pastels, other days using acrylic paints, and the most superb of all was the nurturing of soft clay in my hands to mould as my imagination desired. Thank you for helping me face myself, more than just looking in the mirror, more than skin deep to connect my gentle inner child to the evolving feminine goddess who is spreading her wings. Love it! Liberation. I am thankful to have met likeminded and authentic gentle souls on my 6 week journey and Jen is a trusting facilitator who i absolutely adored!

– Anonymous

Art Therapy encouraged in 6 weeks more noticeable progress in myself than 23 years of talking had yet been able to. Seeing my work become the completed puzzle of my life’s plaguing thought was simply awesome.

– Louise Powell

Do yourself and your life a favour – do this course.  Just taking time out to honour and explore your creativity is a joy.  Jennifer creates a wonderful environment and is an able, generous, kind and wise guide.


Jen, your workshop was powerful beyond words. My deep reaction to myself and what was happening for me at the time was instant and profound. I loved the pace of your workshop and the support I felt from yourself and the group. I found a great deal of clarity and peace within myself that I had been searching for. Thank you for such an incredible day! I look forward to working with you again soon. Best wishes.

– Melissa Nelson

The course was a tremendously meaningful journey of self-discovery.  I felt safe and free to explore at my own pace. And with such an array of creative experiences and media, we were afforded so many meaningful ways to discover ourselves.  Thank you so much, Jennifer!


I don’t know which I got more out of – the creative process or the therapeutic one- but as inextricably entwined as they are, it was amazing, joyful and revealing.  An amazing self journey.  Thank you Jen!

 – Jenny Davidson

Jennifer, I only have high praise for you and your wonderful classes.  I can’t think of anything I didn’t love about coming along and exploring my creative side and meeting the other participants.  I will miss my Monday nights.  Your course has unleashed a creative monster!!!

Meredith Beck

For me, the 8 weeks was an insightful look at both myself and others in a safe and nurturing environment.  The two hours was “my time”.

Grant Bradley

These workshops helped me embrace my creativity in all its forms and make the effort for it to be in my life.  It simply makes me happy!


I have had a huge realisation how much energy I put into resisting the playful, explorative, intuitive part of me- and how when I access this part I open up a part of me that can problem solve creatively, and feel capable, competent and excited about life’s challenges.  This is such important learning about how playing and staying in my inspiration gives me the courage and joy to take leaps forward.  Thank you Jennifer!

– Anonymous

The course with Jen gave me so much more than I could have imagined.  The process was amazing!

– Jane Diamond

Jen’s workshops are warm and welcoming. I have used them as a way of coping with stressful and busy times in my life, when I wonder if I really should be spending the time on something as seemingly non-essential as creative self-reflection; however, these are the times when I have most needed an outlet and space for this. Jen manages to make the workshops challenging but non-threatening, and she shows a gentle acceptance of who people are. Jen’s workshops have enabled me to maintain my creative ‘fitness’, and they remind me of the things I easily forget about myself: my true goals, my needs, my fears, my possibilities.


A very welcome space in my busy working week to express myself in a variety of ways that helped me get in touch with important parts of me.  I came away refreshed and revived, even though I often arrived tired and hassled.  Thank you Jennifer!


I loved the way you, Jen, guided the group caringly and inclusively with fun and acceptance.

– Cara Munro

If you want to rediscover the joy and innocence of your creative self, then Jennifer’s course is a great first step in revealing these feelings.

Loretta Burgess

Much appreciate your gentle, free spirited approach to enhancing creativity.

– Anonymous