“It has teeth, art, and a way of cutting through to the soft parts untried.”

~Jeannette Winterson, Art Objects

As of February 2019, I am not currently available

to take on any new clients.  

When this changes I will post an update here.

For private sessions, I highly recommend my

respected colleague, Annie Sloss.  She is an extremely

experienced and wonderful Arts Therapist.


Many thanks.  

Private sessions are a chance to focus on your personal exploration more exclusively and are tailored to what is most appropriate for you.  We will work from a person-centred, strengths based approach to explore issues at hand,  encourage self-awareness and nurture empowerment.  We can collaborate to choose a variety of therapy modalities, depending on what seems most helpful at the time.  Most often, a combination of Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Counselling is used, but we also may choose to use symbols, Dance/Movement Therapy, writing, and more.  If you feel like it could take you a few sessions to warm up to the creative modalities, don’t worry!  We can start slowly with Counselling sessions and progress from there.

Private sessions are available by appointment in Fitzroy, and are 1 1/2 hours.  All art materials are supplied.