What’s the difference between Art Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy?

The main difference is that Art Therapy only uses visual art, like drawing, painting and clay, for creative expression and personal growth.  In Creative Arts Therapy we use Art Therapy, as well as other creative modalities, like Dance-Movement Therapy, writing, symbols, mindfulness, sand tray, music and more as therapeutic tools to assist and empower people in their personal exploration.  For more info, go to About Creative Arts Therapy.

What kind of training/experience does a Creative Arts Therapist have?

To become a Creative Arts Therapist, you have to do Post Graduate study, either a Graduate Diploma, Master’s or Doctorate.  The course work is experiential, so you’re learning CAT techniques by doing them, rather than hearing about them.  Therefore, the study involves the willingness to do in depth personal development of your own.  The professional experiences of a CAT are endless, as creative therapy techniques can be used to work with very diverse people.  To learn more about Jennifer’s training and experience, go to About Jennifer.

What if I’m not a “creative person”?

Everyone is creative, we just don’t usually think we are!  In our society, creativity is too often the domain of only the young or the “talented”, and the rest of us get the message that we’re not allowed or not capable of being creative at all.  But like anything else, if we open up to being spontaneous and taking a chance, we usually surprise ourselves!

In Creative Arts Therapy you are usually making work that is in some way about you, and who else is better qualified to make work about you, than you? The majority of people who come to Creative Arts Therapy do not have any art experience, they are just willing to give it a try.  To see some of the beautiful and meaningful art work made by past participants, go to Art Therapy Gallery.

What’s the usual format of  a Workshop or Weekly Group?

The format consists of a variety of experiences: movement/body awareness warm ups, making new art work or continuing art work from a previous session, time for personal reflection and journal writing, talking in pairs and in the whole group.  The format is tailored specifically for the needs of the group at the time.  For more info go to Workshops or Weekly Groups.

I think I’d like to attend a few terms of Weekly Groups, will we be doing the same things each term?

No, each term and each group is unique and planned differently from the last.  People have benefitted from attending many terms in a row in order to stay with their personal process and take it deeper.  Personal exploration and creativity always has something new in store!

Can I come to Groups as well as Private Sessions?

Absolutely!  People often find it’s helpful to have a combination of Group work and Private sessions, as both have unique benefits.  In groups, participants get to really know and trust each other, inspire and support each other.  In a Private session it’s all about you, so sessions are designed personally for you, and together we collaborate to explore what’s most important to you at the time.  For more info, go to Private Sessions.